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Helping People Who Have Lost Loved Ones

When an individual is suddenly killed in an accident or incident, family members are often left without a sense of closure and want justice for their loved one. In addition, in many situations, family members may be left with a substantial financial burden due to the costs of the injury and death, as well as losing any contributions their loved ones made to the household.

The Illinois Wrongful Death Act provides certain family members who lose loved ones in preventable accidents the right to seek financial recovery for their loss. While money will not heal the emotional wounds of a loss, it can help families to move forward without as much financial stress and with a sense of justice. The Proline Legal network of attorneys regularly and successfully helps surviving family members seek compensation for wrongful death.

Standing Up For The Rights Of Surviving Family Members

Wrongful death occurs when the passing results from another person or party’s negligent or intentional acts. Illinois law requires the personal representative of the estate of the deceased individual to file a wrongful death claim. Proceeds can include fair and just compensation for the following and more:

  • Burial and funeral costs
  • Loss of financial contributions
  • Loss of companionship and care
  • Mental suffering, including trauma, sorrow and grief

The court can decide who should serve in this role if no personal representative was appointed. The court will then distribute the proceeds of the claim to the spouse, children, parents or other relatives of the deceased, depending on the circumstances.

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