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Protecting The Rights Of Criminal And DUI Defendants

Illinois law imposes strict penalties upon people who are convicted of even relatively low-level criminal offenses. For this reason, if you have been arrested or accused of a crime, you should speak to a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

In many cases, the sooner you get a lawyer involved in your criminal defense case, the better the ultimate resolution of your case will be.

Skilled Defense Lawyers Exploring Every Available Option

When you come to us with a pending criminal matter, we will explore every potential defense that may apply to your case rather than simply suggesting we negotiate the best possible plea bargain. For example, If you have been accused of an offense involving violence against another person, we will thoroughly analyze whether you may be able to argue self-defense or defense of others. We regularly work with clients who have been accused of the following types of offenses:

In addition, we take the time to fully evaluate the conduct of the police that investigated your case in order to determine if your constitutional rights were violated. If your rights were in jeopardy, a judge might rule in favor of the exclusion of evidence critical to the state’s case against you, which can often result in the case being dropped by the prosecution.

Contact An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney To Discuss Your Case

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