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What You Need From Your Medical Malpractice Attorney

When you’re suffering from a medical mistake, you’re in a very difficult position. You went to get medical care for something else entirely, and now you have a possibly more serious issue. That’s when you need to find an attorney you can trust.

At Proline Legal, we are a network of lawyers across Chicagoland looking to make a real difference for our clients. Premier attorney Steve Roach created this organization. We deliver the right legal representation for your personal injury and criminal law matters. We have extensive experience with pursuing compensation for medical mistakes in Illinois court and we can help you.

Recognizing Medical Malpractice

Fundamentally, medical malpractice happens whenever a doctor or other health care professional makes a mistake. These mistakes can happen in many contexts, including:

  • Surgical errors
  • Birth injuries
  • Medication mix-ups
  • Nursing home neglect and abuse
  • Misdiagnoses

These mistakes are never minor. A medical mistake has the dual effect of causing you more pain and suffering and not addressing whatever brought you to the doctor. That’s why you should turn to us.

How Proline Legal Makes A Difference

We dedicate ourselves to building relationships with our clients through one-on-one communication and vigorous courtroom skills. We are not afraid to take cases as far as we have to for your compensation.

We take on doctors, hospitals, nursing facilities and insurance companies to get you the money you need to heal and move on from your injury. We care about the people we work with and take their problems seriously.

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We are lawyers who work with people across Chicagoland in any medical malpractice matter. We know this is a difficult time, but our work speaks for itself. We know how to pursue the compensation you need and we can help you take back the control you lost. When you are ready to start your free consultation call Proline Legal or send us an email.